to parse
verb (used with object), parsed, pars·ing

  1. to analyse (something, as a speech or behaviour) to discover its implications or uncover a deeper meaning.
  2. Computers. to analyse (a string of characters) in order to associate groups of characters with the syntactic units of the underlying grammar.

Local perspectives

PP shares explorations of how technologists, activists, farmers, lawyers, policymakers, environmentalists and other brilliant minds are developing, repurposing, advocating for, and making use of technology and the internet.

Politicising tech

In its ubiquity the internet consistently evades analysis of the high-stakes politics behind the quotidian. PP focuses on stories that break with meta-narratives to show the power dynamics at play which are obscured when the technical is presented as neutral.

Liberation and justice

In this work PP stands in solidarity with those seeking to develop, share, and advocate for technologies with liberation from oppression, and social and environmental justice at their centre.

About the host, Henna

I started Parsing Politics in 2021 to share the stories of genius and creativity I've encountered during three years engaged with global Internet rights activism as a researcher.

My doctoral work based at Goldsmiths, University of London, is about the coloniality of Internet access. I’ve always been interested in understanding and deconstructing prevailing narratives and systems of inequity; my passion lies in seeking out alternate realities.

In the past I spent five years as part of the team that ran Media Diversified, foregrounding comment and analysis by Black and racially minoritised writers in the UK. I am also co-founder and director of Bare Lit, a multi-arts festival based in South East London since 2016.

Email me here, or find out more about my research in the interview below.